How to Increase Breast Size Fast

To a woman, breast size is one of the issues often discussed in hushed tones, especially around those with an A-cup. Unfortunately women with small breasts sometimes feel inferior to those who have larger busts. In fact, women believe that those who have larger breasts get more attention from the opposite sex. The truth is women with large breasts do get lots of attention because they feel more feminine and confident!

Increase Breast Size

If you are serious about naturally getting the breasts you always wanted, I recommend that you check out the comprehensive course put together by Jenny Bolton called Boost your Bust.

To date the course has helped thousands of women from all around the world increase their breast sizes , without having to undergo costly or permanent surgery.

Methods for Increasing Breast Size

  1. Create an impression of a larger bust

This strategy works almost immediately. All you need is a push-up or padded bra. A push-up bra will lift up your breasts and make them appear fuller. On the other hand, a padded bra will make your bust look firmer and larger. You can thus decide to get a good push-up bra that also has a decent amount of padding. Note, however, that you must get the right bra size, to prevent any mishaps during the day.

Get clothes that have high or detailed necklines. A high neckline will automatically divert attention away from your breasts. Details on the neckline like ruffles, pleats and lace will also make your bust appear shapelier than it is.

Alternatively, you can opt to wear bold colors and patterns on the top half of your outfits, and dark colors at the bottom. Bright colors and patterns make your bust line look bigger than normal.

  1. Surgical Enhancement

Surgery is also a quick option if you have the money and are not afraid to go under the knife. You can go through fat grafting, which involves removing unwanted fat from other parts of the body and injecting such into the breast.

Breast implants are another option. Two types of implants are available; silicone implants that contain silicone gel and saline implants that as the name suggests, contain a saline solution.

Although the surgery is quick, the recovery process can take a while. You will need to take it easy until you heal completely.

  1. Breast Exercises

Are you pondering on how to increase breast size fast using natural methods? Well, exercise is one of the most effective natural methods you can use.

The Boost Your Bust guide recommends exercises that target the pectoral muscles of the chest. Exercises that focus on strengthening and toning of these muscles benefit your breasts directly. Have you ever sneaked a look at men who do chest workouts frequently? Their chests are nice and firm. In the same way, your breasts will look firmer, bigger and perkier.

Some of the exercises that you can do include chest presses, wall presses, side swerves and push-ups. Exercise will also help improve your overall posture. You will stand up straight, revealing your firm, new and bigger breasts.

  1. Breast Massage

A regular breast massage involving 200-300 daily strokes will increase your breast size in a matter of weeks. You, however, have to do it correctly. For the proper directions on how to increase breast size fast by massaging, check out Boost Your Bust program.

Jenny Bolton, the founder of the program, recommends that you massage the breast in a circular motion, moving inwards from the body. Make sure you use natural oils or a natural breast cream when massaging your breasts, to reduce friction. The oil will prevent your skin from getting irritated. Better yet, the Boost Your Bust guide has instructions on how to make your own natural breast cream.

A proper breast massage will stimulate the production of prolactin; the hormone produced during pregnancy or lactation. This hormone increases the size of the breast tissue and makes your breasts grow bigger and fuller.

  1. Diet

Maintaining a strict diet does not just contribute to your overall health, it also enlarges your breasts. First, it is important to increase your intake of foods rich in phytoestrogen (plant-based estrogen). These foods will increase your estrogen levels and hence stimulate breast growth. Examples of such foods include soymilk, sesame seeds, chickpeas and dairy products.

Second, you need to eat fruits like strawberries, cherries, melons and peaches, which are high in lignans, a primary source of phytoestrogens. Third, you need lots of green leafy vegetables and whole-grain foods, which will help to regulate the testosterone in your body. Lastly, high-protein foods and healthy fats will promote healthy breast tissue.

If you sign up for the Boost Your Bust course, you will get several uncomplicated and tasty recipes containing the above ingredients. In addition to following the above dietary guide, you will need to reduce your sugar consumption, and quit smoking.

  1. Herbal Supplements

The use of natural herbs to regulate body functions is an age-old practice. As such, there are herbal supplements that you can use to control the hormone levels in your body. These supplements also promote breast growth.

Fennel seeds contain estrogen, the same type of estrogen that is present in a woman’s body during puberty and pregnancy. This estrogen is essential for the growth of breast tissue. Fenugreek too, boosts the level of estrogen in the body. Another herb, blessed thistle, also does aid in increasing breast tissue.

Note that you need to consume these herbs in safe quantities because as too much intake of each may cause side effects. The best part of these herbal supplements is that apart from growing your breasts; they also contribute to your overall well-being.

As you apply the above tips, remember that you need to combine a good number of them to get the desired result. When used in isolation, some of the above methods do not give quick results. The Boost Your Bust Guide provides precise details on how to increase breast size fast and directs you on how to apply the above tips correctly. If you register for the program, you will also get yummy breast growth recipes and instructions on how to make breast cream. Most importantly, you will have chosen to enlarge your breasts using natural methods that will benefit your entire body.